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n. ureteroureterostomía, anastomosis de dos uréteres o de dos extremos del mismo uréter.
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We defined graft US as a rise in serum creatinine associated with hydronephrosis on ultrasound, an obstructive curve in scintigraphy or a retrograde pyelography compatible with ureteral stenosis that were managed surgically (ureteroneocystostomy, Boari flap ureteroneocystostomy or ureteroureterostomy), endoscopically (retrograde double J stent catheterization, balloon dilation or ureterotomy) or by interventional radiology treatment (nephrostomy or antegrade double J stent catheterization).
If stenting is not successful, symptomatic patients can be treated with ureteropexy or ureteroureterostomy. (5)
Suspected ureteral injuries were intraoperatively or postoperatively repaired, and involved JJ stent placement, ureteroureterostomy, and ureteroneocystostomy.
Primary ureteroureterostomy is the optimal technique when the anastomosis can be performed without tension and if the initial approach was laparoscopic (7).
If the stricture is short and the endoscopic treatment attempt is unsuccessful, the lower ureteric defects can be managed with ureteroureterostomy and ureteroneocystostomy.
Ipsilateral ureteroureterostomy in the surgical management of the severely dilated ureter in ureteral duplication.
When the ureter is very short, ureteroureterostomy or pyelovesicostomy is an alternative option.
Although both native UP and ureteroureterostomy (UU) can be used for the management of donor kidney with anatomical abnormality, the serious adhesions in the surgical field in ipsilateral re-transplantation might lead to the failure of exposure of native ureter, which caused impossibility to perform native UP or UU routinely.
In our case we chose to perform pyeloplasty, instead of simple ureteroureterostomy, because of two reasons.
Five patients (5/65, 8%) in the group of recipients who had received an OLDN kidney required reoperation, two with postoperative bleeding, one with a hyperacute rejection (again, confirmed histologically), one with infarction of the kidney secondary to renal vein thrombosis and one with evidence of ureteric obstruction, for which ureteric revision with conversion to a ureteroureterostomy was required (Table 1).
Nephrectomy/nephroureterectomy 12 Pyeloplasty 1 Ureteral reconstruction 8 Ureteroureterostomy 2 Psoas hitch 3 Boari flap 1 Ileal ureter 2 Augmentation cystoplasty 9 Ileocystoplasty 6 Sigmoid colocystoplasty 2 Ileocystoplasty + ileal ureter 1 Epididymectomy 3 Visual internal urethrotomy 2