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n. pl. u·re·thras or u·re·thrae (-thrē)
The canal through which urine is discharged from the bladder in most mammals and through which semen is discharged in the male.

[Late Latin ūrēthra, from Greek ourēthra, from ourein, to urinate.]

u·re′thral adj.
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Adj.1.urethral - of or relating to the urethraurethral - of or relating to the urethra  


a. uretral, rel. a la uretra;
___ cathetercatéter ___;
___ dilationdilatación ___;
___ dischargedescarga ___;
___ obstructionobstrucción ___;
___ procedureprocedimiento ___;
___ strictureestrechez ___;
___ suspensionsuspensión ___;
___ syndromesíndrome ___.


adj uretral
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of Cases Misplaced Hypoplastic Neorectum Muscle Complex Pouch colon 4 1 3 Rectovesical 2 0 1 Fistula rectoprostatic 10 2 2 Urethral Fistula 3 0 1 anovestibular Fistula rectovestibular 1 0 1 Fistula perineal Lesion 1 0 1 (Ant.
Females Males Cloaca 5 Rectovestibular fistula 14 Rectal atresia/stenosis 2 No fistula 4 Rectovesical fistula 3 Recto-prostatic- 3 urethral fistula Recto-bulbar-urethral fistula 6 Perineal fistula 3 5 Unknown 5 Note: Table made from bar graph.
There was no urethral fistula. The mean follow-up of participants was 13.82+-13.4 months (range 3-53 months).
There was neither urethral fistula nor urinary disorders associated.
Grade III Injury to skin and urethra, without urethral fistula. Loss of distal penile sensation.
At follow up patients were assessed for any infection, haematoma formation, urethral fistula and restricturing.
Several days later, the patient underwent cystoscopy, a posterior sagittal anorectoplasty for a rectoprostatic urethral fistula, and placement of a suprapubic catheter.
Postoperative complications can usually be identified early on in the first few months after surgery in most cases, but long-term followup is mandatory because delayed presentation with a urethral fistula and recurrent curvature of the penis following puberty spurt have been documented.
Separation of corpus spongiosum, urethral fistula, corpus cavernosum compression, no distal sensation
On the other hand, some authors [18,19] reported ahypospadiac case in goat kids with only urethral fistula and diverticulum.
KEY WORDS: Hypospadias; Urethra; Urethral fistula; Urethral fistula.