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n. pl. u·re·thras or u·re·thrae (-thrē)
The canal through which urine is discharged from the bladder in most mammals and through which semen is discharged in the male.

[Late Latin ūrēthra, from Greek ourēthra, from ourein, to urinate.]

u·re′thral adj.
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Adj.1.urethral - of or relating to the urethraurethral - of or relating to the urethra  


a. uretral, rel. a la uretra;
___ cathetercatéter ___;
___ dilationdilatación ___;
___ dischargedescarga ___;
___ obstructionobstrucción ___;
___ procedureprocedimiento ___;
___ strictureestrechez ___;
___ suspensionsuspensión ___;
___ syndromesíndrome ___.


adj uretral
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summarized 140 cases and found that the high-risk factors of de novo SUI were preoperative SUI, obvious urethral prolapse, severe bladder prolapse, and low micturition urethral pressure measurement.
Urethral prolapse is defined as eversion of the urethral mucosa through the external urethral meatus [1].
The differential diagnosis for these lesions is extensive and includes urethral caruncle, urethral prolapse, urethral diverticulum, periurethral gland abscesses and, of most concern, urethral carcinoma.
The D/D in this includes urethral prolapse, urethrocele, vaginal introitus cyst, urogenital sarcoma & genital prolapse (3).
Urethral prolapse refers to the protrusion of the urethral mucosa from the tip of the penis.
1) The second theory is the disruption of the peri-uretheral fascia during surgery or catheterization which results in focal posterior urethral prolapse.
Pokorny said she suspects this configuration raises the risk of urethral prolapse later in life.
MIAMI BEACH -- Medical treatment of pediatric urethral prolapse is much more successful if it is prolonged beyond the traditional 2 weeks because it can significantly reduce the need for surgical intervention, Dr.
10] The differential diagnosis of a prolapsing cecoureterocele in newborns includes epidermal inclusion cyst, Skene's duct cyst, urethral prolapse, and sarcoma botrioides.
Typically presenting with painless bleeding, urethral prolapse looks like a bright red, protruding vaginal mass.
Davis described her chart review of 31 girls with urethral prolapse at the annual meeting of the North American Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology.
The mucosa becomes edematous and is exposed to bacteria, leading to urethral prolapse with urethral mucosa protruding onto the vulva, he said at an ob.