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An instrument for examining the interior of the urethra.

u′re·thros′co·py (yo͝or′ə-thrŏs′kə-pē) n.


the use of the urethroscope to examine the urethra.
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Stenosis was conferred as the area of narrowing visible in the urethra or gripping felt during urethroscopy.
Prior to sacrifice, animals underwent retrograde urethrograms (RUG) and urethroscopy.
This is accomplished with fluoroscopy or urethroscopy, and both antegrade imaging and retrograde imaging are required to realign the urethra prior to passing a Foley catheter.
Repeat urethroscopy demonstrated persistence of the communication between the urethra and syringocele.
One week preoperatively and 2, 4 and 8 weeks postoperatively, all the animals underwent urethroscopy and urethrography.
Caption: Urethroscopy following another physician's attempt at sling loosening with a urethral dilator and downward traction: The urethra gave way before the sling did.
The techniques of trocar insertion and intraoperative urethroscopy in tension-free vaginal taping: an experience of600 cases.
Preoperative studies included retrograde urethrography, voiding cystography, and urethroscopy.
During implantation of the sling, a urethroscopy is performed to determine the ideal point to elevate the urethra.
As one example, Matsumoto, Hamstra, Radomski, and Cusimano (2002) taught senior medical students cystoscopy and urethroscopy using low- and high-fidelity simulators.