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Of or relating to urine; urinary.

[Late Latin ūrēticus, from Greek ourētikos, from ourein, to urinate.]


(Biochemistry) of or relating to the urine
[C19: via Late Latin from Greek ourētikos, from ouron urine]
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Distribution of Patients According to Post Operative Complications Group 1 Group 2 (URS) (Open Ureterolithotomy Gross 0 1 Hematuria Uretic 0 1 colic Residual 0 -- stone fragments Urinoma 0 0 Post-op 0 0 Urine Leak Wound 1 -- infection Note: Table made from bar graph.
Regular history and physical exam, renal function testing, and pelvic ultrasonography have a role in surveillance for recurrent uretic disease
The direct reference to the leadership as the abject lies in the uretic homeopathy: using urine as medicine to cure the sick/corrupt.
Measurement of B-type natri uretic peptide by two assays utilizing antibodies with different epitope specificity.
It can cause, high incidence of uretic diathesis as reported at a site in Armenia where the soil contained Mo 77 mg/kg and Cu 39 mg/kg (NRC, 1996).