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 (yo͝or′ə-nəs) also u·ri·nose (-nōs)
Of, resembling, or containing urine.


(ˈjʊərɪnəs) or


(Biochemistry) of, resembling, or containing urine
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Because the often banal realm of subjective everydayness houses ethical choice and one's sense of a coherent self, modernism understands the mundane not as a catalog of details (Bloom's outhouse visit, his love of urinous pork kidneys, the potato in his pocket) or activities (cooking that kidney, fetching the mail, sharing coffee and a bun with Stephen) but, to quote Rita Felski,"a way of experiencing the world" (19).
In a section on Salubrious Passage, "this infamously urinous alleyway off hedonistic Wind Street", Jenkins recounts an anecdote of when Thomas visited a friend who had a shop there.
If something may be said about the sulphur of gold, though, the separation thereof is supremely difficult and the ordinary modes thereof used by artists, as already mentioned, by saline, saturnine, or urinous solvents, are not at all suitable, much less can it be captured by those weaker things, the spirits of manna, dew, honey, wine, or hart's horn.
I lie there on his sagging mattress with the sheet pulled off the corner, exposing a dusty pink material with some kind of urinous stain peeking out.