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Energy and interspecific body size patterns of amphibian faunas in Europe and North America: anurans follow Bergmann's rule, urodeles its converse.
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Regeneration of tissues and organs is observed in all adult tetrapods in different extent, and among the vertebrates urodeles (newts and salamanders).
The formation of blastema cells that accumulate under the AEC is not a recapitulation of embryonic limb development; it is a process that sets the urodeles apart from other tetrapod taxa [52, 53].
A number of taxa that have been recorded in other Ibero-Armorican sites are apparently absent in Lano, i.e., sparid fishes, batrachosauroid urodeles, sebecosuchian-like crocodilians, and enantiornithine birds (see Le Loeuff, 1991; Buffetaut et al., 1997; Pereda Suberbiola, 2009; Csiki et al., 2015).
Thus, RPE damage in humans initiates processes similar to its transdifferentiation in urodeles: RPE cells lose pigment, proliferate, migrate, and differentiate into different cell types, expressing appropriate markers (atypical of RPE) [7], but fail to produce a new functional retina.
Prolactin has a physiological role in certain biological features among higher vertebrates such as stimulation of the pegion crop, stimulation of mammary gland and post-ovulatory corpus luteum in some mammals and induction of water-drive and land-water integumentary changes in the urodeles (MEITES; NICOLL, 1966; VELLANO et al., 1967).
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