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A radiograph of the urinary tract.


n. urograma, rayos-x hechos por urografía.


n urografía (estudio), urograma m
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Diagnosis-based segmentation of the kidney stone market comprises ultrasound, intravenous pyelography (IVP) or intravenous urogram, CT scan and X-ray.
A CT urogram (abdomen/pelvis with and without contrast) was ordered by the urologist to further characterize the mass, and it demonstrated an enhancing 3.4 cm solid, partially exophytic mass arising from the lower pole.
Viers et al studied 154 renal models through preoperative computerized tomography urogram (CTU) in order to identify radiographic characteristics of difficult ureter.
On a visit in 2013, the patient was evaluated with CT urogram without and with IV contrast (150cc IV iohexol 300, Figure 2).
Additionally, most patients with VH require cystoscopic evaluation of the LUT combined with radiological imaging such as computed tomography urogram (CTU) and/or ultrasound scan (USS) for evaluation of the UUT.
Although uniform surveillance was not performed across all institutions, in general patients were evaluated with history, physical examination, blood work, urinary cytology, cystoscopy, chest radiography, and CT urogram every 3-6 months in the first year, every 6-12 months up to 5 years, and annually thereafter.
In my experience, a CT urogram with IV contrast can also help localize ureteral injuries.
Has the time come to write the EPITAPH for the intravenous urogram? Indian J Radiol Imaging.
Ideal examinations include CT with IV contrast using renal protocol or IV urogram, which are not ideal in pregnancy [1].
Due to the persistent hematuria, smoking, and the family history of cancer, a CT urogram was performed to screen for bladder cancer.
We present a case involving a 40-year-old female who was found to have a McSwain Type 5 inverted appendix on a computed tomography (CT) urogram for hematuria and flank pain.
A CT urogram was remarkable for only an enlarged prostate and several prostatic calculi, with the largest measuring 2.4 cm x 1.6 cm (Figures 1 and 2).