uronic acid

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u•ron′ic ac′id

(yʊˈrɒn ɪk)

any of a group of organic acids, as glucuronic acid, derived from oxidation of aldose sugars and occurring in urine.
[1920–25; < Greek oûron urine (compare uro-1) + -ic]
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The sugar monomer and uronic acid content of the purified polysaccharides was influenced by both the type of fruit and fraction.
The absorption peak at 1600 [cm.sup.-1] is related to the uronic acid carboxylate [36].
During the process, protopectin and pectin are degraded into galacturonic acid, increasing thus the content of uronic acid and methanol as well as the total acidity of the product.
The exopolysaccharides produced from R.glutinins was a novel uronic acid, mannose-rich acidic heteropolysaccharide composed of neutral sugars (85%)and uronic acid (15%).
Pettersson, "Total dietary fiber determined as neutral sugar residues, uronic acid residues, and Klason lignin (the Uppsala method): collaborative study," Journal of AOAC International, vol.
GAGs are linear polysaccharides made up of hundreds of repeating disaccharide units, which are composed of an amino sugar (N-acetylglucosamine, GlcNAc, N-acetylgalactosamine, GalNAc or glucosamine) and uronic acid (glucuronic acid, GlcUA or Liduronic acid, IdoUA) or galactose (Gal, only keratan sulfate).
Method for uronic acid microanalysis by normal-phase partition chromatography (NPPC) with postcolumn fluoresceence deriva- teization has been reported[18].
Compare to mango, ambarella pulp exhibits high uronic acid (21 mg/g) content and low pH (3.9) [21]; meaning that preparation of ambarella jam will need less pectin than that of mango.
The total carbohydrate and uronic acid contents were determined by the phenol-sulfuric acid (Dubois et al.
For glycosaminoglycan (GAG), uronic acid and sialic acid analysis, 50 mg of velvet antler sample was decalcified in 1 ml 0.05 M [Na.sub.2]EDTA (pH 7.4, including 0.5 M Tris) for 2 days at 4[degrees]C.
Cell wall polysaccharides were quantified by the Uppsala total dietary fiber method for neutral monosaccharides and the Ahmed and Labavitch (1977) method for uronic acid quantitation.