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 (ûr′tĕkst′, o͞or′-)
The original text, as of a musical score or a literary work.

[German : ur-, original; see Ursprache + Text, text (from Middle High German, from Late Latin textus); see text.]


1. (Linguistics) the earliest form of a text as established by linguistic scholars as a basis for variants in later texts still in existence
2. (Music, other) an edition of a musical score showing the composer's intentions without later editorial interpolation
[from ur- original + text]


(ˈʊərˌtɛkst, ˈɜr-)

n. (sometimes cap.)
the original form of a text, esp. of a musical composition.
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Urtext. Herausgegeben mit Hinweisen zur Interpretation von Steffen Schleiermacher.
Written by Jonas Hajek, who has also prepared the critical edition for Barenreiter, the accompanying text contains the basic data, as well as numerous details pertaining to the score's first editions (even though the "new" version does not actually have any material impact on the piece's performance, since Asrael de facto does not have any Urtext version).
This particular collection of 32 pieces by Clementi, Czerny and Cramer is the sixth volume of The Urtext Primo Series.
(4) The film's official press kit does, however, include a comprehensive list of the interviewees' names and, where applicable, affiliated workplaces; see Urtext Films, Barbecue press kit, 2017, pp, 8-12, The removal of identifying and contextual information within the film may speak to its wider goal of suggesting universalism around cooking with fire --that it doesn't matter who these humans are because, in this context, their commonalities are more useful than their particularities.
http://www.stainer.co.uk/ Tallow Tree [n.p.] Tallow Tree Music Publishing (Presser) Universal Vienna: Universal Edition (Presser] http://www.universaledition.com/ Wiener Urtext Vienna: Wiener Urtext Edition, Schott/Universal Edition (Presser) http://www.wiener-urtext.com/ Willemsmusiik [n.p.]: Willemsmusiik (Front)
One of the latest enrichments is the urtext edition of a smaller cycle: Missa Sancti Josephi, ZWV 14.
The Marcoses' ability to wriggle out of criminal cases and escape any form of accountability would, in time, form the urtext of the Marcos propaganda project, Commandment 1 of the long-term enterprise meant to rehabilitate them in the people's eyes, and now a central talking point of their troll militia: The Marcoses have never been convicted in court, therefore they must be innocent.
Like the finest forebears of the rom-com genre -- including its urtext, "Four Weddings and a Funeral" -- "Crazy Rich Asians" indulges in the escapist pleasures of aspirational wealth, obscene consumerism and invidious judge-iness.
The product range of Schott Music, comprising performance and teaching literature, urtext editions, concert and opera literature, study scores, complete editions, books on music, specialist magazines, audio recordings and multimedia products, influences all areas of musical life.
Of this new Urtext edition, the publisher says, "With the publication of the score and parts of the D-major Horn Concerto K.
Con la descarada complicidad del contratenor Hector Sosa, los citados se aconchabaron al mejor ingeniero de sonido que tenemos, Humberto Teran, y ya en pandilla lograron convencer a otros dos mexicanos que de este tipo de convencimientos viven sedientos, los duenos de una de las dos unicas companias disqueras mexicanas dedicadas a la musica clasica y opera, URTEXT, Digital Classics: la destacada flautista Marisa Canales y su esposo el director de orquesta Benjamin Juarez Echenique.
The third section, "Textes labiles, textes fixes," critically examines the notion of "Urtext." As the editors point out, here "nous sommes au coeur sujet.