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 (ûr′tĕkst′, o͞or′-)
The original text, as of a musical score or a literary work.

[German : ur-, original; see Ursprache + Text, text (from Middle High German, from Late Latin textus); see text.]


1. (Linguistics) the earliest form of a text as established by linguistic scholars as a basis for variants in later texts still in existence
2. (Music, other) an edition of a musical score showing the composer's intentions without later editorial interpolation
[from ur- original + text]


(ˈʊərˌtɛkst, ˈɜr-)

n. (sometimes cap.)
the original form of a text, esp. of a musical composition.
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Una vez situada la escritura primaria de Este, su urtexte, toma lugar el traslado de este caracter vincular del texto hacia el orden de la representacion.