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adj. us·er-friend·li·er, us·er-friend·li·est
Easy to use or learn to use: "The public ought to be aware of the complexity of making new tax forms user-friendly" (New York Times).

us′er-friend′li·ness n.
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[ˌjuːzəˈfrendlɪnɪs] Nfacilidad f de uso, facilidad f de manejo
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It could be as simple as the user-friendliness of having every resource (logs, stone, coal, etc) visible on screen once you collect or produce it.
The vehicle boasts modern and robust exterior styling, more sophisticated, comfortable and higher-quality interior design, improvements to its dynamic abilities and user-friendliness, both on and off the road.
The winner has been chosen based on the overall user experience of 23 vehicles, rating them on user-friendliness, infotainment features, sound systems, vehicle connectivity, driver assistance technology, information/displays, system compatibility and materials.
Particular attention was paid to handling and user-friendliness when developing the Topfinish GM 1010G CAT-X airspray gun.
The latest evolution of WITec's TrueSurface advanced optical profilometer enhances the power and user-friendliness of confocal Raman microscopes.
According to the company, this new bioprinter offers new functionality and greater user-friendliness, the printer targets the advanced corporate and research users.
Highlights of the new rapier include the increased performance, redesigned and even more rigid construction, new applications, intelligent energy efficiency, improved ergonomics and user-friendliness. The OptiMax-i is available in reed widths ranging from 190 to 540 centimeters.
The Windows-based solution is said to be characterized by unparalleled user-friendliness. The inventory management feature for screw and barrel housing elements is said to offer added benefits to customers.
With this new range of products, Mega Airless adapts to the evolution in demand by offering the typical advantages of its airless dispensers: convenience, user-friendliness and perfect content protection.
Public Interest Research Group for transparency and user-friendliness. The home page, for example, lists the biggest state expenditures and companies that have received the most money.
And while the joke was slightly underhanded, it garnered a good response from the crowd, who, it seemed, were largely in agreement that user-friendliness needed to be improved.