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adj. us·er-friend·li·er, us·er-friend·li·est
Easy to use or learn to use: "The public ought to be aware of the complexity of making new tax forms user-friendly" (New York Times).

us′er-friend′li·ness n.
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1. easy to use or understand: a user-friendly dictionary.
2. (Computer Science) (of a computer system) easily operated and understood by means of a straightforward guide in jargon-free language
user-friendliness n
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easy to operate, understand, etc.: a user-friendly computer.
us′er-friend′liness, n.
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Adj.1.user-friendly - easy to useuser-friendly - easy to use        
easy - posing no difficulty; requiring little effort; "an easy job"; "an easy problem"; "an easy victory"; "the house is easy to heat"; "satisfied with easy answers"; "took the easy way out of his dilemma"
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[ˌjuːzəˈfrendlɪ] ADJ [computer, software, system, dictionary] → fácil de utilizar or usar or manejar
to make sth more user-friendlyhacer algo más fácil de manejar, hacer algo más accesible para el usuario
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[ˌjuːzəˈfrɛndlɪ] adj (machine) (Comput) → di facile uso
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(juːz) verb
1. to employ (something) for a purpose. What did you use to open the can?; Use your common sense!
2. to consume. We're using far too much electricity.
ˈusable adjective
that can be used. Are any of these clothes usable?
used adjective
1. employed or put to a purpose. This road is not used any more.
2. not new. used cars.
ˈuser noun
a person who uses something. computer users; drug-users.
ˌuser-ˈfriendly adjective
(of a computer, dictionary, system etc) that is easy or simple to use, understand etc. a user-friendly camera.
ˌuser ˈguide noun
a list of instructions etc on how to use a particular product, system etc. The attached user guide explains how to install the program on your computer.
be used to (something) (ˈjuːstu)
accustomed to. She isn't used to such hard work.
used to (ˈjuːstu) negative short forms usedn't to, ~usen't to (ˈjuːsntu)
– (I, he etc) was in the habit of (doing something); (I, he etc) was (usually) in a particular position, state etc. I used to swim every day; She used not to be so forgetful; They used to play golf, didn't they?; Didn't you use(d) to live near me?; There used to be a butcher's shop there, didn't there?
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سَهْلُ الِاسْتِخْدَام snadno použitelný brugervenlig benutzerfreundlich φιλικός προς τον χρήστη fácil de usar helppokäyttöinen convivial jednostavan za uporabu facile da usare 使いやすい 사용하기 쉬운 gebruikersvriendelijk brukervennlig przyjazny dla użytkownika de fácil utilização удобный для пользователя användarvänlig ใช้สะดวก kullanıcı dostu dễ sử dụng 容易使用的
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User-Friendly Phone Book, the largest shareholder of Rand Capital, owning 1,455,993 shares or approximately 23% of the company, committed to push for positive change at Rand on behalf of all shareholders.
It says key changes made to the site include a new look and feel which more accurately reflects the spa's recent rebrand, a more user-friendly experience making it simple to make an online reservation, browse the vast range of spa day and spa break packages, and access key information for first-time visitors.
Sharjah Museums Authority has launched a new culture app that introduces smartphone and tablet owners to the offerings at Sharjah Museums in a clear, user-friendly, intuitive and functional way.
Purpose-built for towing in factories, warehouses and other facilities, the Cushman Tug tow tractor offers more uptime and user-friendly features.
The B-Hive combines video conferencing with advanced surgical training on a mass scale, designed to provide both practicing and upcoming surgeons with a user-friendly, visual education for new medical devices and procedures.
New York: Offering access to banking and wealth management capabilities with a user-friendly design, Citi announced new functionality for the Citi Mobile App(r) for Android.
Leuze's ACR 300i is a highly accurate user-friendly solution for a wide variety of vision applications including; 1D and 2D code reading, OCR-optical character recognition, object detection, color detection, and position tracking.
The app is offered on Android and iOS platforms and includes an intuitive design approach that is claimed to make it extremely user-friendly and serves as a platform to engage with customers through personalised communication.
"We have partnered with some of the most dynamic software and hardware companies in the industry to develop and showcase our most high-performance and user-friendly Interactive Flat Panels, Corporate Displays, and Projectors to date." Leading up ViewSonic's Interactive Flat Panel display line was company's new ViewBoard digital whiteboard.
The user-friendly single-step product, which is imported and distributed by Palm Harbor, Fla.-based Global Tradelinks, offers a 20-minute solution to kill lice and eggs.
Geonet Solutions, which was established in the town almost 20 years ago, created a user-friendly website for Darlington FC, allowing fans to purchase five-year season tickets as well as to pledge money to the Heading Home campaign.