adj. us·er-un·friend·li·er, us·er-un·friend·li·est
Not easy to use or learn to use: "renovating user-unfriendly JFK airport and rebuilding Brooklyn shipping" (Stanley Brezenoff).

us′er-un·friend′li·ness n.
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All machines are responsive, willful, and downright user-unfriendly.
If the details were on a tear-off-and-keep section, this user-unfriendly form would magically become user-friendly.
The sheer quantity of Notams, plus their user-unfriendly all-caps format riddled with abbreviations, have from time to time sparked calls for fundamental changes, including on the floor of the U.S.
This is the devastating reality for families suffering as a result of a system which has been slated for lacking compassion and funding, for being overly complex and user-unfriendly and plagued with issues since its conception.
We were particularly interested in comments from two piston twin owners because we are of the opinion that one of the toughest upgrades is to a piston twin due to the complexity of older and often user-unfriendly systems combined with purely awful performance on one engine.
The latter is exactly what most news websites are doing, and it's why all of the most user-unfriendly designs and ad formats were created.
For years, I have been using these letters to vent my frustration with the federal government and practice administrators who have foisted several generations of user-unfriendly electronic health records on us.
The publications' font size and style as well as line spacing are superior to EI2, while its bibliographies follow the same user-unfriendly format, and do not adhere to alphabetical order.
Duplication of effort, slowness and user-unfriendly interfaces detracted many sales, marketing and customer service professionals from using the tools.
This trend seems to suggest that the pendulum has swung too far on underwriting and credit, making our industry so user-unfriendly that people are going to the extreme of paying all cash.