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 (yo͞o′zə-frŭk′cho͞o-ĕr′ē, -sə-)
n. pl. u·su·fruc·tu·ar·ies
One that has a right to a usufruct.
Of or relating to the nature of a usufruct: usufructuary rights.


(ˌyu zʊˈfrʌk tʃuˌɛr i, -sʊ-, ˌyuz yʊ-, ˌyus-)

adj., n., pl. -ar•ies. adj.
1. of or pertaining to usufruct.
2. a person who has a usufruct of property.
[1610–20; < Late Latin]
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Noun1.usufructuary - someone who holds property by usufruct
user - a person who makes use of a thing; someone who uses or employs something
Adj.1.usufructuary - of or relating to the nature of a usufruct


[ˌjuːzjʊˈfrʌktərɪ] Nusufructuario/a m/f


n (Jur) → Nutznießer(in) m(f)
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It is possible to grant aids to rent to people with disabilities, even if they are owners or usufructuaries of another home, provided that the latter is not accessible due to disability.
A: What was constituted between the parties herein is one of usufruct over a piece of land, with Rosario being the owner of the property upon whom the naked title thereto remained and Arlene and her family being two (2) among other unnamed usufructuaries who were simply referred to as her kins.
Other opinion, accepted also in the foreign juridical doctrine (Braudry-Lacantinerie, 1894: 808; Terre, Lequette, 1998: 765) it is stated that there is a joint ownership regarding the usufruct when there are two or more usufructuaries on quotaparts from a good or universality of goods (Comanija, 2002: 53).