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1. Practicing usury.
2. Of or constituting usury: usurious interest rates.

u·su′ri·ous·ly adv.
u·su′ri·ous·ness n.


(yuˈʒʊər i əs)

1. practicing usury.
2. constituting usury.
u•su′ri•ous•ly, adv.
u•su′ri•ous•ness, n.
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Adj.1.usurious - greatly exceeding bounds of reason or moderation; "exorbitant rent"; "extortionate prices"; "spends an outrageous amount on entertainment"; "usurious interest rate"; "unconscionable spending"
immoderate - beyond reasonable limits; "immoderate laughter"; "immoderate spending"


[juːˈzjʊərɪəs] ADJusurario


adjwucherisch; personWucher treibend attr; usurious priceWucherpreis m
References in classic literature ?
Every debt he owed in the world, including the pawnshop, with its usurious interest, amounted to less than a hundred dollars.
To maintain these retainers, and to support the extravagance and magnificence which their pride induced them to affect, the nobility borrowed sums of money from the Jews at the most usurious interest, which gnawed into their estates like consuming cankers, scarce to be cured unless when circumstances gave them an opportunity of getting free, by exercising upon their creditors some act of unprincipled violence.
As to her money, she first secreted it in odd corners, wrapped in a rag or an old curl-paper; but some of these hoards having been discovered by the housemaid, Eliza, fearful of one day losing her valued treasure, consented to intrust it to her mother, at a usurious rate of interest--fifty or sixty per cent.
However, when turned into an annual figure, the interest become usurious as it exceeds 20 percent.
The Survey further adds that this institutional credit will help in delinking the farmers from non-institutional sources of credit, where they are compelled to borrow at usurious rates of interest.
He wanted the foreigners engaged in such usurious business arrested and deported.
The flagship microloan program aims to provide alternative micro financing to entrepreneurs, who usually borrow from usurious loan sharks.
Launched to veer Filipinos away from usurious informal lenders, KasamaKA enables members to earn by referring applicants to any of the digital financial services offered by Lendr, FINTQ's digital loan platform.
The program was launched nationwide last April with an initial funding of P850 million, making available lower cost loans to Filipino micro entrepreneurs who are engaged in small businessese such as sari-sari stores and are vulnerable to usurious lenders in the absence of an alternative source.
Congress was, by implication, indicted as the cause for usurious drug prices; they are the enabler.
If our Congress really wanted to help the middle class, then they should pass legislation to reign in the usurious interest rates charged by credit card issuers.
On a recent holiday to my 'playground of the stars' in the Balearics, I vowed to avoid news sites to prevent being driven suicidal by the economic and political armageddon abounding, and also to prevent a usurious internet bill on my return.