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 (yo͞o-sûrp′, -zûrp′)
v. u·surped, u·surp·ing, u·surps
1. To seize and hold (the power or rights of another, for example) by force or without legal authority.
2. To take over or occupy without right: usurp a neighbor's land.
3. To take the place of (another) without legal authority; supplant.
To seize another's place, authority, or possession wrongfully.

[Middle English usurpen, from Old French usurper, from Latin ūsūrpāre, to take into use, usurp; see reup- in Indo-European roots.]

u·surp′er n.
u·surp′ing·ly adv.
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that usurps something
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[juːˈzɜːpɪŋ] ADJusurpador
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A: The elements of the offense are occupation of another's real property or usurpation of a real right belonging to another person; violence or intimidation should be employed in possessing the real property or in usurping the real right; and the accused should be animated by the intent to gain.
Hezbollah is a national resistance movement against the Israeli occupation, and its legitimacy is guaranteed by international law and the UN Charter, not by an unjust decision made by a history with a dark history of enslaving people and usurping their rights, the source said.
He called the federal government's decision of banning the SLIC trade union a dictatorial verdict unacceptable to the people of the country and said that the PTI government was usurping rights of workers like a martial law regime as it had earlier banned unions at PIA and other state-run agencies.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Jan 12 (ANI): Delhi Police Economic Offences Wing (EOW) on Friday arrested Yogesh Sharma, Director of Big Bull Infrastructure Limited from Noida for allegedly inducing the public to invest in the project "Big Bull Ashiana" in Jaipur, Rajasthan and usurping the money from the investors.
(TAP) - The newly elected chief of Venezuela's opposition-run Congress on Saturday said President Nicolas Maduro will be "usurping the presidency" when he swears in for a second term on Jan.
The court had earlier ordered his arrest for usurping land.
Suhas to suspend the Deputy Collector, who is alleged to have facilitated usurping of the government land in the district.
The protestors blocked Pesahwar Road and chanted slogans against General Manager Kohinoor Textile Mills Limited for usurping their rights.
Fresh trouble surfaced for Chandy as the Kottayam Vigilance Court directed the Vigilance Department to register the case in the usurping of government land near the former Minister's plush resort in Alappuzha.
Turkish Cypriots said on Tuesday they were not bound by any agreements struck by the Republic, accusing the government and the Egyptian administration of usurping power through unlawful means.
25 May 2016 - 16:41 Avigdor Lieberman: Serving as defense minister of the Usurping Regime of Israel The Right-Wing Politician of the Usurping Regime of Israel Joined the Country's Governing Coalition The deal, which shores up Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's one-seat majority in parliament, will see Lieberman appointed defence minister.
He said that rigging in voters lists is tantamount to usurping the democratic rights of masses.