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 (yo͞o′tər-ĭn, -tə-rīn′)
1. Of, relating to, or in the region of the uterus: the uterine canal; uterine contractions.
2. Having the same mother but different fathers: uterine brothers.
3. Being enclosed and dark; womblike.

[Middle English, from Late Latin uterīnus, from Latin uterus, uterus.]


1. (Gynaecology & Obstetrics) of, relating to, or affecting the uterus
2. (Gynaecology & Obstetrics) (of offspring) born of the same mother but not the same father: uterine brothers.


(ˈyu tər ɪn, -təˌraɪn)

1. of or pertaining to the uterus or womb.
2. related through having the same mother.
[1400–50; late Middle English < Late Latin uterīnus. See uterus, -ine1]
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Adj.1.uterine - of or involving the uterus; "uterine cancer"


[ˈjuːtəraɪn] ADJuterino


adj (Anat) → uterin; uterine brotherHalbbruder mmütterlicherseits


a. uterino-a, rel. al útero o matriz;
___ bleedingsangramiento ___, sangramiento no relacionado con la menstruación;
___ cancercáncer del útero o de la matriz;
___ prolapseprolapso ___;
___ rupturerotura ___.


adj uterino
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Additional strategies were used to minimize fetal risks; the strategies included minimizing intraoperative blood loss by careful hemostasis, maintaining uterine displacement to avoid aortocaval compression by putting a roll under the left hemithorax, using normothermic CPB, minimizing CPB times, maintaining a high flow rate (>2.
Patients were then immediately placed supine with a wedge under the right hip for 15 degrees left uterine displacement.
To optimize the effectiveness of chest compressions, many experts recommend placing the woman in a supine position and using manual uterine displacement rather than a left lateral tilt.
Their symptoms were due to gross uterine displacement or minor uterine pathology that had caused cramping, pelvic pain, or profuse menstrual flow.
Left uterine displacement is necessary, as is application of cricoid pressure to avoid aspiration.
Awareness of the need for left uterine displacement.
Several measures have been advocated to decrease the severity of spinal induced hypotension like use of prophylactic vasoconstrictor, leg compression, trendelenberg position, left sided uterine displacement, but fluid preloading is commonly practiced (3-7).