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Noun1.utility bond - a bond issued to finance the construction of public utility servicesutility bond - a bond issued to finance the construction of public utility services
municipal bond - a bond issued by a state or local government
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Issue: Bond Anticipation Notes, Series 2016 Consisting of: Sewer Utility Bond Anticipation Notes and General Capital Bond Anticipation Notes; Rating: MIG 1; Sale Amount: $13,020,000; Expected Sale Date: 03-23-2016; Rating Description: Note: Bond Anticipation
The bonds bear a 3.0% coupon, which the underwriters claim to be the lowest ever issued for a 10-year utility bond.
A $9-million utility bond project includes wastewater treatment plant improvements, and two neighborhood improvement projects to install new water and wastewater infrastructure in the Sumter Gardens and Floribana areas are scheduled to begin in May.
A model for the nation is the taxpayer-owned Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD), which closed its troubled Rancho Seco reactor in 1988, and has since turned itself into one of the "greenest" utilities in America - with low rates and one of the country's best utility bond ratings.
contained data on fuel prices, number of ultimate customers, miles of service territory, megawatthours generated, annualized dividend yields, and other stock market information used to calculate the cost of common equity.(9) Finally, Moody's Public Utility Manual, 1986 includes information on public utility bond and preferred stock yields and bond and preferred stock ratings for each utility.

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