utility pole

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util′ity pole`

one of a series of large, upright poles used to support telephone wires, electric cables, or the like.
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M2 PRESSWIRE-August 7, 2019-: Global Utility Pole Market Report 2019: $52.1 Billion Opportunities - Trends, Forecast and Competitive Analysis 2013-2024
The collision involved a Ford E350 truck and a Chevy Malibu and damaged a utility pole near Algonquin Road and Weber Drive, a Rolling Meadows police department spokesman said.
The incident involved a downed tree that caused significant damage to four Transit poles and one JCP&L utility pole impacting overhead wires.
The truck continued to lurch forward and ran over Lee, causing fatal injuries to his head and chest, with it finally coming to a stop upon hitting a roadside utility pole about 50 meters farther on.
According to reports, the fatal accident happened after a six-seater Piper PA-23 Apache, which took off from a small nearby airport, hit a utility pole and crashed into a house where a family was having lunch.
8 March 2018 - South Carolina, US-based wood utility poles and marine construction products provider Cox Industries has completed the acquisition of certain assets of Georgia, US-based wood utility pole manufacturer Langdale Forest Products, to extend production footprint into new geographic areas, the company said.
According to Springfield police, a driver later identified as Jacob Christopher Klein, 21, of Springfield lost control while speeding south on South 32nd Street and slid sideways into a utility pole at Douglas Drive.
Last year, the (http://www.tennessean.com/story/money/2016/08/25/google-t-comcast-meeting-what-went-wrong/89343892/) search giant accused AT&T and Comcast of failing to complete utility pole work in a timely fashion in Nashville and causing delays in the buildout of Google's network.
-- New York-based Startup Totem Power recently unveiled Totem, a next-generation utility pole that features a photovoltaic array, an onboard battery, a wireless communication hub, a smart LED streetlight, and an electric vehicle charging port.
Summary: A bus carrying Lebanese Army personnel crashed into a utility pole Thursday on the main highway connecting the southern cities of Tyre and Sidon, killing one soldier and injuring seven others.
The beauty of this design challenge is to take an everyday thing like a common wooden utility pole and highlight the amount of thinking and engineering that goes into it.
In addition, since utility poles "can pose a substantial hazard," AASHTO states that "known utility pole hazardous locations should be avoided" and poles should be as far as possible from travel lanes.
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