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tr.v. u·til·ized, u·til·iz·ing, u·til·iz·es
To put to use, especially to make profitable or effective use of: an approach to the problem that utilizes the latest research; how plants utilize nutrients to produce seeds.

[French utiliser, from Italian utilizzare, from utile, useful, from Latin ūtilis, from ūtī, to use.]

u′til·iz′a·ble adj.
u′til·i·za′tion (-ĭ-zā′shən) n.
u′til·iz′er n.
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Noun1.utilizer - someone who puts to good useutilizer - someone who puts to good use; "not all organisms are utilizers of oxygen"; "the social agencies and their utilizers both objected to the budget cut"
user - a person who makes use of a thing; someone who uses or employs something
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2) Continue High Utilizer Program: High utilizers are individuals booked into the Jail 3-plus times within a 1-year period.
This feature allows the utilizer to pay with their device with any credit or debit card that the utilizer prefers without swiping it.
Y possesses 7 of the 11 characteristics of a high utilizer of psychiatric services (Table 1, page 70), (1), (2) defined as a patient who is:
He also recognized the financial team that successfully enabled The Solaire to be the first utilizer of Liberty Bonds for residential development in lower Manhattan, led by Fleet Real Estate Finance Group and including co-lenders Westdeutsche Immobilien Bank, Hamburgische Landesbank, HSBC, Roslyn Savings Bank, Washington Mutual and Apple Bank.
And finally there was Mark Morris, inheritor and utilizer of virtually every tradition on view during the season, a one-man ocean into which it all flows.
Those individuals were unstably housed, receiving mental health case management or assertive community treatment from CSBs, and were among the top 20% of crisis and emergency services utilizers across the state.
Police working downtown identify the people who frequent the area who are most often cited or arrested for crimes - Eugene Police Chief Pete Kerns calls them "top utilizers" of law enforcement services.
-Reports of avoidable ED visits by dual eligibles increased five-fold in the last three years, from 2 to 11 percent, while utilization by other populations—high utilizers, Medicare and Medicaid—remained roughly the same.