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n.1.A Utopian.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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But even the silent contempt of a serious mind may be misinterpreted by headlong utopists."
This utopist sentence reflects all the challenges we face in preparing our youth for the future.
denial of the possibility of conveying the utopist's design through
Thomas Jefferson was a politician and in some measure a utopist, Holowchak argues, and the key to grounding his utopian vision was his precise sense of location, and among statesmen of his day, Jefferson had a profound, even matchless sense of location.
Contrary to what we may expect from a utopist, Rossi founded his ideal society on inequality.
Utopia is a magical mental construction which enables the utopist to play God.
Babbitt 1919: 137) This transformation of the "Arcadian dreamer" into a Utopist is due in part to the intoxication injected into the human spirit by the discoveries of science.
Heyst is indeed both a nihilist and a utopist, the strange combination actually proceeding from the same belief in a possible totality, as the anecdote about the origin of one of his many nicknames--the utopist--ironically shows:
Ancak Gramsci'ye gore Machiavelli, utopist bir hayalci ya da statuko icinde hareket eden bir diplomat degil, "degisim"i tedbirle savunan bir gercekcidir.
Ruskin is an art historian and theoretician, but at a deeper level, he is only a man who speaks about himself, a poet disguised in scholar, the seer of some utopist visions born in the inner world of the perfect non-contemporary.
20) Its status is that of a space formed as partly genuine, partly an Eurocentric self-serving utopist construct.
Zdena's world is invaded by protagonists who strongly believe in the importance of preserving the period of that innocent love affair, which can be compared with the preservation of the initial impression made by communism that their utopist ideals may be carried out.