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u·tri·cle 1

Any of various bladderlike structures in a plant or animal, especially:
a. A membranous sac contained within the labyrinth of the inner ear and connected with the semicircular canals.
b. A small bladderlike one-seeded indehiscent fruit, as in an amaranth plant.

[Latin utriculus, small leather bottle, diminutive of uter, utr-, leather bottle, possibly from Greek hudriā, water vessel, from hudōr, water; see wed- in Indo-European roots.]

u·tri·cle 2

A small vestigial blind pouch of the prostate gland.

[Latin utriculus, a sac (in the body), diminutive of uterus, uterus.]
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(ˈjuːtrɪkəl) or


n, pl utricles or utriculi (juːˈtrɪkjʊˌlaɪ)
1. (Anatomy) anatomy the larger of the two parts of the membranous labyrinth of the internal ear. Compare saccule
2. (Botany) botany the bladder-like one-seeded indehiscent fruit of certain plants, esp sedges
[C18: from Latin ūtriculus diminutive of ūter bag]
uˈtricular, uˈtriculate adj
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(ˈyu trɪ kəl)

1. a small baglike body, as an air-filled cavity in a seaweed.
2. a thin bladderlike pericarp or seed vessel of a plant.
3. the larger of two sacs in the membranous labyrinth of the inner ear, adjoining the semicircular canals.
[1725–35; < Latin utriculus, diminutive of uter bag; see -cle1]
u•tric′u•lar (-yə lər) adj.
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Noun1.utricle - a small pouch into which the semicircular canals openutricle - a small pouch into which the semicircular canals open
membranous labyrinth - the sensory structures of the inner ear including the labyrinthine receptors and the cochlea; contained within the bony labyrinth
pouch, pocket - (anatomy) saclike structure in any of various animals (as a marsupial or gopher or pelican)
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[ˈjuːtrɪkl] Nutrículo m
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n (Bot) → Fangbläschen nt, → Schlauch m, → Utrikel m (spec); (Anat) → Utriculus m (spec)
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Canalithiasis is the most commonly accepted mechanism, wherein the otoliths that detach from the utricle or saccule and floating freely in the endolymph system of the semicircular canals cause neuronal stimulation.
In addition, little is known on tumor affection of the different parts of the vestibular system, as well as a potential relationship between the function of the individual parts of the vestibular system, i.e., the neuroepithelia of the saccule, utricle, and cristae of the semicircular canals.
youtube.com/watch?v=9SLm76jQg3g for a demonstration of this maneuver), is to move the head in such a way as to return displaced otoliths in the semicircular canal back to the utricle. The Epley maneuver is specific for treating posterior semicircular canal BPPV, which is the most common variant.
Ocular VEMPs indicate repositioning of otoconia to the utricle after successful liberatory maneuvers in benign paroxysmal positioning vertigo.
In amphipods, isopods and decapods, where the structure and location of the AG have been analyzed, it was suggested the existence of only one kind of gland, characterized by the presence of thin lines or lobes of compacted cells associated with the subterminal region of the spermatic duct in amphipods, or at the end of each testicular utricle in isopods.
Van Rooijen, "Unfused crossed renal ectopia with ectopic left ureter inserting into a prostatic utricle diverticulum," American Journal of Roentgenology, vol.
Thus, the cranially located appendix testes and caudally located prostatic utricle are typically the only vestigial structures derived from paramesonephric ducts [14].
And we found that two separate Sox2 expression domains were present at this time, a dorsal domain that corresponds to the sensory primordia of the utricle and a more ventral domain that corresponds to the sensory primordia of the saccule and the prosensory domain of the cochlea.
The sensory organs of the vestibular system are represented by the utricle, the saccule, and the three semicircular canals; they can perceive the gravity vector, the position of the head, and the linear, torsional, and angular accelerations that the head undergoes.
This diagnostic method relies on the fact that the utricle and saccule are not only sensitive to linear acceleration, but also to loud sound.