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What It thinks, that It utters; and what It utters, that It hears; and It itself is Thinker, Utterer, Hearer, Thought, Word, Audition; it is the One, and yet the All in All.
After that came a farrago of Chinese, so like the voice of Ah Moy, that again, though for the last time, Michael sought about the steerage for the utterer.
If your enemy had told me that you had ever talked as you talk now, that you had ever looked as you look now, I would have turned my back on him as the utterer of a vile calumny against a just, a brave, an upright man.
Accordingly, the forger was put to Death; the utterer of a bad note was put to Death; the unlawful opener of a letter was put to Death; the purloiner of forty shillings and sixpence was put to Death; the holder of a horse at Tellson's door, who made off with it, was put to Death; the coiner of a bad shilling was put to Death; the sounders of three-fourths of the notes in the whole gamut of Crime, were put to Death.
The equitable Twemlow felt that this sentiment, irrespective of the utterer, demanded his cordial assent.
He is a beholder of ideas and an utterer of the necessary and causal.
These are gems that are presented to demonstrate unparalleled sagacity on the part of the utterer. They are often employed as weapons to hit the supposedly less enlightened souls over the head with.
To improve communications, work not on the utterer but recipient.
1110/1699) preserves this report and a number of others that illustrate the predatory nature of cursing, narrating "from AbT 'Abd Allah from his father: once the curse leaves its utterer, it goes back and forth between him and the one he cursed to find access, otherwise it reverts to its utterer who deserved it.
is that it is valid only for the utterer, at the time and place of utterance.
The interpreter seeks to identify the utterer's intention in making