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 (yo͞o-vär′ə-vīt′, o͞o-)
An emerald-green variety of garnet, Ca3Cr2(SiO4)3, found in chromium deposits.

[After Count Sergei Semenovitch Uvarov (1785-1855), president of the St. Petersburg Academy.]
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(Minerals) an emerald-green garnet found in chromium deposits: consists of calcium chromium silicate. Formula: Ca3Cr2(SiO4)3
[C19: from German Uvarovit; named after Count Sergei S. Uvarov (1785–1855), Russian author and statesman]
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(uˈvɑr əˌvaɪt, yu-)

the rarest of the garnets, colored emerald-green by the presence of chromium.
[< German (1832), after Count S. S. Uvarov (1785–1855), president of St. Petersburg Academy]
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On the basis of the type, the global garnet market is segmented into almandine, andradite, grossular, pyrope, spessartine, and uvarovite. The almadine segment is expected to dominate the global garnet market in terms of both value and volume resulted by the ease of availability and low cost of production for almadine related products.
Almandine, spessartine, grossular, uvarovite, andradite and pyrope are six minerals which are regarded as belonging to the garnet family.
Chateau, "Compressions of synthetic pyrope, spessartine and uvarovite garnets up to 25 GPa," Physics and Chemistry of Minerals, vol.
Des Esseintes composes a bouquet of flowers out of gems: "the leaves were set with gems of a strong and definite green--asparagus-green chrysoberyls, leek-green peridots, olive green olivines--and these sprang from twigs of almandine and uvarovite of a purplish red ..." (Huysmans 55).
A sampling: aeiou words: armigerous, epuration, inquorate, ossuaries, uvarovite lesser-known counterparts: epizootic, anile, estivate, thegosis, trilemma reversible words (semordnilaps): avid, ogre, debut, nonet, rebus words for odds & ends: aglet, chad, tittle, grommet, pintle spell-checker demons: impassible, wether, specie, angary, demur words from placenames: Ultima Thule, El Dorado, Timbuktu, Brigadoon, stoic
Rob Sielecki of Ausrox (rob@crystaluniverse.com.au) had two intriguing miniature-size matrix pieces--having recently obtained ten of the same kind, he said--showing extraordinary uvarovite crystals partially embedded in veins of slightly smoky, massive quartz in gneissic matrix.
These include arseniosiderite, bromargyrite, cabalzarite, chalcophyllite, clinoclase, clinotyrolite, cobaltkoritnigite, cornubite, fornacite, geminite, litharge, mottramite, nickellotharmeyerite, novacekite, parnauite, powellite, uvarovite, walentaite, wulfenite, yukonite and zalesiite.
Based on type garnet market is classified into almandine, andradite, grossular, pyrope, spessartine, and uvarovite. Based on application, garnet market is split into jewelry and industrial.
Like the much better known, deep green crystals of uvarovite and chromian titanite from this giant chromite deposit, the chromian amesite druses are exposed by the etching-away of the calcite which fills the seams and veins.
Equally interesting to locate and explore were pyrolusite crystals pseudomorphic after manganite, from Sandur, Karnataka; small glassy green uvarovite crystals in schist, from near Maddur, Karnataka; and impressive euhedral crystals of zircon in pegmatitic diopside-syenite, virtually on the border between Tamil Nadu and southernmost Kerala, at the village of Puttetti, not far from Kovalam.