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(ˈʌk sɔr, -soʊr, ˈʌg zɔr, -zoʊr)

Latin. wife.
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Noun1.uxor - (legal terminology) the Latin word for wife
law, jurisprudence - the collection of rules imposed by authority; "civilization presupposes respect for the law"; "the great problem for jurisprudence to allow freedom while enforcing order"
married woman, wife - a married woman; a man's partner in marriage
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The Colonel was not so depressed as some mortals would be, who, quitting a palace and a placens uxor, find themselves barred into a spunging-house; for, if the truth must be told, he had been a lodger at Mr.
Interim eo abeunte uxor ejus est adulterata; redit maritus, adulteratam invenit; unde secundum legem maritus earn occidere deberet; vocavit filium suum et ait: Carissime, mater tua adulterium commisit, unde secundum legem per me mori deberet; sed brachium amisi, ideo non potero earn occidere; precipio ergo tibi, ut eam occidas.
RecalMax is the company's twelfth product approved in Canada including Zestra, Zestra Glide and Uxor (EjectDelay) marketed by Orimed Pharma, UriVarx through its partnership with Acerus Pharmaceuticals Corp.
ProstaGorx when launched, will be the fourth product launched through our own sales and marketing commercial efforts in Canada in addition to Vesele, Apeaz and Xyralid and when launched will then be our eighth product on the Canadian market including Zestra, Zestra Glide and Uxor marketed by Orimed Pharma and UriVarx through our partnership with Acerus Pharmaceuticals Corporation.
(6.) E.g., Berecbal pia in CIL 8,17293, 27507; Berecbal Secundi f(ilia) / Galli uxor s(e) v(iva) p(osuit) / an(nos) / LXXXV ILAlg 1,1438; Beregbal pia ILAlg 1,1858; Mia Beregbal ILAlg II/2,7050; Memoriae Hammoniae Beregbalis ILAlg I,929, etc.
In "Humour and Misogyny in Giovanni Della Casa's Quaestio lepidissima: an uxor sit ducendo" (77-90), Manuela Scarci examines a little known treatise (in the form of a hortative speech) by Giovanni Della Casa, which questions the necessity and usefulness of marriage.
(82) <<Si vir et uxor, aut alter eorum ad secunda vota transivit, nullum aliud remedium superesse videretur, nisi ut testibus de periurio, et adulterio uno pluribusve, quibus causam dederunt, poenitentia indicatur>>: X 2.20.9 (1 Comp.