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 (ŭk-sôr′ĭ-sīd′, ŭg-zôr′-)
1. The killing of a wife by her spouse.
2. One who kills one's wife.

[Medieval Latin uxōricīdium : Latin uxor, wife + Latin -cīdium, -cide.]
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1. the act of killing one's wife
2. a person who kills his or her wife
[C19: from Latin uxor wife + -cide]
uxˌoriˈcidal adj
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(ʌkˈsɔr əˌsaɪd, -ˈsoʊr-, ʌgˈzɔr-, -ˈzoʊr-)

1. the act of murdering one's wife.
2. a man who murders his wife.
[1855–60; < Latin ūxor wife + -i- + -cide]
ux•o`ri•cid′al, adj.
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1. the killing of one’s wife.
2. a person who has killed his wife. — uxoricidal, adj.
See also: Killing
1. the murder of a wife by a husband.
2. a husband who murders his wife. — uxoricidal, adj.
See also: Wife
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Noun1.uxoricide - a husband who murders his wife
hubby, husband, married man - a married man; a woman's partner in marriage
2.uxoricide - the murder of a wife by her husband
murder, slaying, execution - unlawful premeditated killing of a human being by a human being
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* in order to prevent the consequences of her uxoricide she
Read:(http://www.ibtimes.com/what-uxoricide-look-romantic-ideology-after-new-dehli-man-kills-wife-2556563) &nbsp;What Is Uxoricide? A Look At 'Romantic Ideology' After New Dehli Man Kills Wife
There is some confusion here, because statements about how "likely [battered and murdered women are] to have been murdered by their partners" (uxoricide) or "by someone else" (nonuxoricide murder) are statements about posterior probabilities for uxoricide and nonuxoricide of the murdered partner.
Beginning to perceive that General Tilney is not a gothic villain who has committed uxoricide, Catherine finally apprehends that he is not what the dance manual suggests, a model of morality clue to his beautiful bow.
The haunted ghoulishness of "I Took the Skin of Corpses" rather inhabits the world of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, as Trigilio points out, and also Cowen's contemporary Helen Adam's murder ballads, specifically "I Love My Love," in which a uxoricide is in turn murdered by the animate strands of his dead wife's lush tresses ("the living fleece of her long bright hair"), which slips out of her grave and under his door, devouring him to the bone.
Uxoricide is an extreme form of domestic violence in which a man murders his current or former romantic partner and then often commits suicide.
In fact, real abandonment and break-ups are considered a risk factor for uxoricide (killing of the female partner; Daly & Wilson, 1988).
Since Othello's first performance, commentary on Shakespeare's famous tragedy of uxoricide has fingered uncomfortably on the degree to which Desdemona is or is not sexually innocent, the degree to which, coarsely put, she somehow "had it coming to her"--whether in terms of matrimonial or filial and racial disloyalty--when her jealous, black husband smothers her.
Mohammad was sent to the gallows for uxoricide under the criminal law and in light of the Law on Elimination of Violence Against Women (EVAW).
and Canadian findings on uxoricide risk for women with children sired by previous partners.
For other forms of violence (e.g., uxoricide or wife-killing) evidence and theory necessary to implicate specialized evolved psychological adaptation is sparse, and thus more research is needed before claims can be made about adaptive design.