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 (ŭk-sôr′ē-əs, ŭg-zôr′-)
Excessively submissive or devoted to one's wife.

[From Latin uxōrius, from uxor, wife.]

ux·o′ri·ous·ly adv.
ux·o′ri·ous·ness n.
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Adv.1.uxoriously - in a loving and uxorious manneruxoriously - in a loving and uxorious manner; "he kept deferring uxoriously to Mary"
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Wolfi would be uxoriously faithful, offering his wife the devotion that had bound him to his mother.
The letter is generally used to show him up as a stuff), moralist, but with Il Dolce far Niente--in a sensuous image carefully brought within the bounds of marital propriety--mischievously, smugly, uxoriously, Hunt out-Rossettis Rossetti.
Credulousness of Satan, disbelief in God that humanity would be virtually damned, faithlessness, ingratitude, disobedience, gluttony, he for behaving uxoriously, she for not heeding her husband, both for not heeding their offspring, for not heeding the entire human race, parricide, theft, and plundering another, sacrilege, deceit, conspiring to gain Godhead, and an undeserved striving, pride, presumptuousness.