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Adj.1.v-shaped - shaped in the form of the letter Vv-shaped - shaped in the form of the letter V  
formed - having or given a form or shape
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The model appears to have the similar tail lamp assembly to the R15 v2.0 and features dual headlamps, a V-shaped tail lamp and a short muffler under the front faring.
The latest plan involves building an airfield with two runways in a V-shaped formation in Nago using the coastal area of the U.S.
The building, designed by Architekturburo Jaschek, has three V-shaped atria roofed with pneumatic pillow structures and enclosed on their south sides by glass facades held in place by delicate wire-rope cable structures.
A "mask" pattern then flashed on the screen, composed of randomly oriented V-shaped characters intended to interfere with visual processing of the first image.
The vehicle features boomerang shaped headlamps, a V-shaped grille and a centrally placed Nissan badge.
A contentious point of the realignment package is a plan to build a V-shaped airfield on the coastlines of the U.S.
"An army force found during the search and inspection of the Jebel Graw series of the Sarkran area between the Makhmour and Debs districts one of the caches for Daesh, a 60-meter V-shaped tunnel containing an explosive belt, documents and records, and lightning, in addition to 5 different bombs, and the tunnel was completely destroyed and by engineering detachments, a Defense Ministry statement said.
Moore, however, doesn't see the V-shaped recovery predicted by management materializing, although he expects margin improvement beyond September.