also va·ca (vā′kā′)
n. Informal
A vacation.

[Shortening and alteration of vacation.]
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Beside the big holiday rental villas, Vacay Villas Ibiza S.
You just got back from vacay to find out your bestie split with her longtime BF.
We enjoyed the following days at Arterra, while we also utilized some of its top notch amenities like the fitness center and dance studio-we are athletes, after all, and there is no such thing as a work-out free vacay.
com/shop, and taste your vacay memories; each kit includes a can of chopped ocean clams and condensed clam chowder you mix with your own heavy cream and butter, captaincurts.
Dubai: If you've decided at the last minute to book a National Day vacay or a getaway next year, now may be a good time to shop for bargain airfares.
Summary: New Delhi [India], August 14 (ANI): Shahid Kapoor, who is on a 'first family vacay,' is seemingly having a gala time with his little angel.
uk 9 BREAK TIME Vacay away with this white bag, PS12.
The Egyptian singer jetted off to the USA with her ex-hubby , music producer Mohammed Mustafa, and their two children, Mariam and Hana, for a much-needed family vacay.
From its signature treatments to its scrubs--and even the custommade artworks that grace its walls that so petulantly entreat you to just leave your stress by the reception area, the newly launched The Crown Spa at the Crown Towers, City of Dreams Manila is everything an "hourcation" could be--a true mimic of that should-be-but-couldn't-be dream vacay in the Isle of Wright or on the Caribbean.
The concept of "rosy recollection," however, in which we remember experiences as better than they were, means that the family vacay (you know, the one where your wallet was stolen, the kids were crazy and you all got sick) will seem better and better over the years.
If you're planning a family vacay this spring break, then look no further than the Constance Belle Mare Plage resort in Mauritius, where the Easter spirit is being celebrated in full swing.