also va·ca (vā′kā′)
n. Informal
A vacation.

[Shortening and alteration of vacation.]
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The royal went on to share another reason why he is looking forward to their vacay.
and takes up superhero duties while Peter's on vacay. But a wrinkle arises with the arrival of a certain Quentin Beck (Jake Gyllenhaal) who has a habit of turning up when monster attacks occur in key global cities.
There were nine shades: Nudist (warm almond nude), Milkshake (warm pink nude), Vacay (peachy papaya), Baked (terra-cotta peach), Girl Crush (terra-cotta rose), 143 (berry rose), Mood (taupe mauve), Hot Sauce (tomato red) and Major (cool red).
Iqra's vacay closet is all about comfort, if you hadn't already guessed, because nothing speaks relaxation than a pair of runners and a loose-fitted dress.
But now that summer vacay finally has arrived, your easy breezy fantasies have gone from sunburned.
Take that much-needed vacay and create great moments together as you hop on and off from one place to another.
Dubai-based fashion and lifestyle blogger Nisa Tiwana trumped the vacay look in an all-white outfit paired with a printed scarf and straw-woven bag.
Days before the Holy Week exodus, my idea of a vacay tour was to hunt for avocado ice cream.
The city is just less than an hour away from, you name it, any mountain and seaside resort, unlike Manila, where the length of time traveling to 'vacay' consumes much of any leisurely excursion.
Mathers didn't reveal where she went for a "much-needed vacay," but she captioned her snap with, "Aloha," leading her 1.5 million followers to assume that she is in Hawaii.