vacuum chamber

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Noun1.vacuum chamber - a chamber from which nearly all matter (especially air) has been removedvacuum chamber - a chamber from which nearly all matter (especially air) has been removed
chamber - a natural or artificial enclosed space
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Tenders are invited for Vacuum chamber, shown value is dummy actual value is not shown
In vacuum cooling, the pressure in vacuum chamber to product initial temperature corresponding saturation pressure, the product of water evaporated.
MULTIVAC is a German company and a global market leader in thermoforming packaging machines, the company manufacturers extensive range of tray sealers, vacuum chamber machines and turnkey packaging lines.
Opened recently by Intespace, the "Simles" auxiliary chamber is a thermal vacuum chamber capable of simulating an environment for space systems and subsystems in extreme temperature conditions, operating at a pressure of less than 10-5 millibars and temperatures between 100 and 440K.
The dryer (pictured with company owner and product designer Steve Maguire, left, and Mike Gera, senior dryer product manager) now uses load cells to continuously control the resin level in two of the system's three vessels: the vacuum chamber and the retention hopper.
The vacuum chamber internal pressure decreases from the atmospheric value reaching 0,5 mbar during ladle degassing of 120 tons of molten steel [3].
The technology that creates a vacuum chamber is in itself complex, requiring specialized knowledge and skills to maintain and repair.
We will assume that a high precision, vacuum compatible mass balance is available and that provisions exist for mounting it in the vacuum chamber.
The R105, the company's smallest and most economical thermoformer, will be on display along with a variety of tray sealers and vacuum chamber packaging systems.
It uses a substantial aluminum vacuum chamber, allowing it to accommodate substrates up to 5 in.
6-220VR-V is a 220 metric ton vertical rubber injection press with a vacuum chamber that completely encompasses the heating platen.
Physical model of a typical system for automatic current control of GDEG with electromagnetic leak of gas consists of a gas-discharge electron gun 2 with a beam duct 7, a source of high voltage power supply of the gun 3, the gun current sensor 4, an electron regulator 12, a leak of gas with electromagnetic drive 11, a dosing device 9 and a gas chamber 10, a channel for bleeding-in gas 1 that connects the leak with the gun, a vacuum chamber 8, and a vacuum duct 6 that connects the vacuum chamber with the vacuum pump 5 (Figure 1).