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Of or relating to the vagus nerve.

va′gal·ly adv.


(Anatomy) in a manner that relates to the vagus nerve
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The cardiac autonomic functions are based on the assumption that blood pressure responses are mediated through sympathetic nervous system and heart rate response is vagally mediated.
Vagally mediated component of HRV reflects adaptivity (maladaptivity) to environmental challenges and indexes ability (inability) to modulate affect responses.
Time and frequency domain parameters for HRV analyses Variable Unit Description Time Domain Parameters Mean RR ms Average RR interval SDNN ms Standard deviation of all NN interval RMSSD ms The square root of the mean squared difference between adjacent N-N intervals, reflects mainly vagally influence pNN50 % Percentage of normal normal intervals greater than 50 milliseconds Frequency Domain Parameters VLF [ms.
The presumed parasympathetic origin of both HRR and vagal-related HRV indices as well the establishment of moderate relationships between vagally mediated measures of HRV and HRR immediately after exercise (Buchheit et al.
A probable explanation could be due to its ability to prevent the release of inflammatory mediators from mast cells and inhibition of vagally mediated airway hyper-responsiveness16.
Earlier studies had suggested the involvement of serotonin in vagally mediated gastric effects in mice and rats (Bulbring and Gershon 1967) and in the guinea pig (Meulemans et al.
6 Some experimental evidences also reveal that it is likely to be vagally mediated and the increased release of acetylcholine is responsible for airway hyper- responsiveness.
The effect of short term respiratory variations in heart rate which is assumed to be vagally mediated is very low and these parameters are thought to be mostly effected by the sympathetic system activity (25).
The pathophysiology of RAS is vagally mediated--a noxious stimulus causes a supranormal vagal discharge resulting in bradycardia and then astystole (2).
2000) results shows that heart rate was greater in the arithmetic task condition compared with the control voxels, condition, suggesting that the arithmetic task was associated with withdrawal of vagally modulated slowing of heart rate.