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 (vā′gī, -jī)
Plural of vagus.
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Most of the diversity of modern amphibians (8000 species, of which 7000 are frogs and toads) evolved after the cataclysm that wiped out the dinosaurs," Vagi explained.
On the other hand, the sacrification of the vagi may result in many severe postoperative gastrointestinal complications such as diarrhea, gastric stasis, dumping, weight loss, and cholelithiasis.
In order to obtain a wide range of health benefits from tomato wastes, it is expected that the waste can be infused in some manner as into functional components in food, nutraceutical or cosmetic products (Vagi et al.
(1.) Stehling-Ariza T, Fisher E, Vagi S, Fechter-Leggett E, Prudent N, Dott M, et al.
For example, in their 2013 The Holocaust in Hungary: Evolution of a Genocide Zoltan Vagi, Laszlo Cs?sz, and Gabor Kadar observe that since the relatively harmonious 2004 public commemorations, knowledge about the Holocaust has progressively diminished with the rise of the extreme right; in 2014 Vasvari summarizes some of the recent literature on the Holocaust in Hungary within the context of the official politics of memory ("emlekezetpolitika"); also in 2014 Randolph L.
In the early stages of fraction knowledge (usually at fourth grade), two ways of understanding fractions are critical (e.g., Hecht & Vagi, 2010; NMAP, 2008).
Stabilirea perioadei de debut este dificila din cauza suprapunerii unor trasaturi de personalitate premorbide si a manifestarilor prodromale vagi, necaracteristice, care, de cele mai multe ori, sunt evaluate retrospectiv, dupa debutul psihotic propriu-zis.
For example there is a place now called Vagi Koko which means 'kill all' or 'massacre' because an important battle was fought there.
The left and right vagi are now called as the anterior and posterior Vagus nerves.