vaginal smear

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Noun1.vaginal smear - smear taken from the vaginal mucosa for cytological analysis
cytologic smear, cytosmear, smear - a thin tissue or blood sample spread on a glass slide and stained for cytologic examination and diagnosis under a microscope
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Thus, the significant relationship of squamous cells of varying maturation degree of cervical or vaginal smear may indicate the hormonal status of the female.
The VMI simply represents the relative percentage of superficial, intermediate, and parabasal epithelial cells on a vaginal smear taken from the lateral vaginal wall.
In the course of M.B.'s treatment for her injuries, medical staff took a vaginal smear for analysis at the University of Virginia.
Cytological features following vaginal smear represent each stage of estrous cycle Stage of Nucleated Squamous Cornified squamous estrous cycle epithelial cells epithelial cells epithelial cells Proestrus + - - Estrus - + - Metestrus - - + Diestrus - - - Stage of Leukocytes estrous cycle Proestrus - Estrus - Metestrus + Diestrus + Proestrus, predominantly consisting of nucleated epithelial cells; estrus, with cornfield squamous epithelial cells; metestrus, consisting of cornified squamous epithelial cells and predominance of leukocytes; and diestrus, consisting predominantly of leucocytes Table 2.
During the captivity, every day a vaginal smear was obtained from each female; the samples were treated in the same manner as described above.
Squamous Atypia in the atrophic cervical vaginal smear. Cancer 1998;84:218-225.
All grouped rats were weighed, recorded, and marked with picric acid, and their oestrous cycle was determined using the vaginal smear (Supplementary Material, Figure S2) microscopic examination method [17, 18].
No marking was observed on the vaginal smear of infected mouse used as negative control (Figure 1(d)).
They proposed using a combination of most reliable morphotypes detected in the vaginal smear; namely, Lactobacillus spp.
PH testing of vaginal discharge and vaginal smear were used for bacterial vaginosis diagnosis.
A vaginal smear was prepared by rolling a swab onto a glass slide, which was then air-dried, heat-fixed, and Gram-stained.