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a. vagolítico, rel. al nervio vago.
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Increase in HR is due to centrally mediated sympathoexcitatory and vagolytic actions.
until 10 minutes post laryngoscopy as they cause tachycardia which is attributed to their vagolytic property and not attributable to sympathetic stimulation.
The vagolytic effects of clozapine and its effects on calcium channels and repolarisation might provoke PSVT.
The vagal tone is critical for the success of this technique so it may also be ineffective for patients on vagolytic drugs.
have reported "that antiserotonin, antithromboxane, and vagolytic therapy" were the mechanisms for the restoration of a patients' circulation and led to successful resuscitation [14].
In studies, it was stated that an increase in HR and blood pressure after the rocuronium injection may be explained by vagolytic or sympathomimetic effects, and that these reactions may cause injection pain (2,29).
explained their diminished incidence of PONV in their study with reduced incidence of hypotensive episodes that ketamine provides by its sympathomimetic and vagolytic effects (28).
Digestive: neurotropic digestive carminative, eupeptic, choleretic, antigastritic; ANS: parasympatholytic (strong vagolytic)
[2] Premedication regimens may include a vagolytic to reduce vagal-induced bradycardia, a narcotic/sedative agent that attenuates increases in systemic blood pressure, and a muscle relaxant that attenuates increases in intracranial pressure.
In addition, in OSA there is lack of normal lung expansion during ventilation, which prevents attenuation of parasympathetic discharges by vagolytic properties of normal lung expansion [43].