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1. Excessively proud of oneself.
2. Characterized by or exhibiting vainglory: vainglorious boasting.

vain·glo′ri·ous·ly adv.
vain·glo′ri·ous·ness n.


in a vainglorious manner
References in classic literature ?
This being granted, the heroes of Wish-ram crossed the river once more, returned to their villages to feast upon the horses whose blood they had so vaingloriously drunk, and the travellers pursued their voyage without further molestation.
From this spot then, with a voice that could be heard afar, he shouted to the Danaans, saying, "Argives, shame on you cowardly creatures, brave in semblance only; where are now our vaunts that we should prove victorious--the vaunts we made so vaingloriously in Lemnos, when we ate the flesh of horned cattle and filled our mixing-bowls to the brim?
The old bulls paid no attention to his boastful words, but the eight who had volunteered to accompany him were filled with self-pride so that they stood around vaingloriously beating upon their breasts, baring their fangs and screaming their hideous challenge until the jungle reverberated to the horrid sound.
One is a Syrian Christian from Kerala who vaingloriously claims that the blood that flows through his veins is Brahminical as the proto-converts in India were Brahmins.
For all the software and brainpower on the premises, the central bankers have missed the greatest financial upheaval of their professional lives--Bernanke here vaingloriously asserts the greatest in the history of the world.
I would not have used a vaingloriously preposterous title.
The central character is Hriday, who vaingloriously proclaims: " Go to any party, in any country, on any moonlit terrace in the world, the best dressed man is always the one from Patna.
However, speaking for the other living beings and attempting vaingloriously to translate them is not the same as establishing that these other living beings have no languages of their own.
In the previous assemblies, those with dual nationalities had graced vaingloriously its governmental quarters and legislative halls.
We instead contract to set up a sovereign, who will represent us to ourselves, someone who will remind us of our fear of violent death and the need to avoid death by acting peacefully rather than vaingloriously.
While other Republican elders, from Jeb Bush to John McCain, chided tea party lawmakers for vaingloriously and recklessly closing the government, and National Review warned of "perpetual intra-Republican denunciation,'' Dick Cheney gave the shutdown a shout-out.
Having overcome at the outset his mother's instinctive exhortative opposition--"Henry, don't you be a fool"--the son is seen standing in the doorway about to vaingloriously don the cloak of history-maker.