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Noun1.Vajra - Indra's thunderbolt
Hindu deity - a deity worshipped by the Hindus
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One of the concentric circles in the lotus is composed of vajras or thunderbolts, a motif which was identified by some scholars as a Buddhist element within the overall iconographie programme of the temple.
(4) Thus refuting Goetz's hypothesis of a period of Ladakhi domination over the Pattan valley, which led to the inclusion of the vajra motif as well as the Maravijaya panel.
jewel = earth, lotus = fire, the other elements are represented by a number of instruments such as vajras and wheels.
As well as matching with parts of the body or with different Buddhas, the five elements have been identified with different parts of the vajra, an important ritual object in Buddhism.
Little Buddha ends with the appraisal of three different reincarnation candidates, all of whom are ultimately deemed separate incarnations of Lama Dorje--body, speech, and mind (the three vajras).
The cinematic focus on the three vajras in Little Buddha extends beyond Jesse's story and has specific, albeit symbolic, relevance within the retelling of Gotama's path to enlightenment.
Some items are bronze ritual vajras with the heads of Garuda, which, as Boisselier pointed out, support the link between Vajrapani and Garuda and bring both into the ritual arena:
The vajras, whether they are authentic vajras or the handgrip on cultic bells, most often bear, as their only element of decoration, small heads or busts of Garudas.
Bestowing upon these ladies of Tibet vajras to hold, they gave them names for being in the company of [the buddha] Vajradhara.
(30) And the reference to the bestowal of vajras for the sisters to hold likely refers to the closing lines of the Guhyagarbha chapter, in which all the women in Rudra's demonic host are addressed: "Then the Great Joyous Bhagavan, having bestowed the vajra into their hands, conferred the name initiation, then he arrayed them around the outer edges of the mandala." (31) Similarly, in PT307 the Tibetan goddesses are granted vajras to carry as symbols of their new roles as Buddhist guardians and given new Buddhist names bearing the prefix "Vajra." Thus Rkong la de mo is renamed Rdo rje kun grags ma ('Vajra Renown') and so on.
Next comes a circle of flames in a rainbow pattern of bright colors, then a ring of vajras, and finally a band of lotus petals, signifying spiritual purity and representing various deities.
I remember once having my bag opened at the airport when I had a Vajra and bell in my purse and I had to explain what they were.