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1. valuation.
2. value.
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I am, at your service, Val Jacinto," and he introduced himself with another low bow.
They looked at one another while Val Jacinto bowed again and murmured:
"Most expensively--I mean, most expeditionlessly," said Val Jacinto eagerly.
"I mean," replied Val Dor, "that you are not of Manator and that if you wish to hide the fact it is well that you speak not to a Manatorian as you did just speak to me of--Fliers!
Val Dor, the Heliumite, and Floran, the volunteer from Gathol, were of great assistance to him, since one or the other of them knew most of the slaves from whom his selection was to be made.
The Italians have an ungracious proverb, Tanto buon che val niente: so good, that he is good for nothing.
They saw it at Zermatt--at the Riffel--in the Val Tournanche...
Look." He pointed to the Val d'Arno, which was visible far below them, through the budding trees.
Standing there, he had seen that view of the Val d'Arno and distant Florence, which he afterwards had introduced not very effectively into his work.
Val. But art not grieved nor vexed to leave thy life thus?
Going to the door of his dirty office, Doctor Parci- val looked timidly down the stairway leading to the street.
I have never seen a difference so strongly marked, unless it has been in the Val d'Ajou, where the northern side is peopled by a tribe of idiots, and the southern by an intelligent race.