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Possessing or exhibiting valor; brave: a valiant knight; a valiant effort. See Synonyms at brave.

[Middle English, from Old French vaillant, from Latin valēns, valent-, present participle of valēre, to be strong; see wal- in Indo-European roots.]

val′ian·cy, val′iance, val′iant·ness n.
val′iant·ly adv.
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Noun1.valiance - the qualities of a hero or heroinevaliance - the qualities of a hero or heroine; exceptional or heroic courage when facing danger (especially in battle); "he showed great heroism in battle"; "he received a medal for valor"
braveness, bravery, courage, courageousness - a quality of spirit that enables you to face danger or pain without showing fear
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2. The quality or state of being heroic:
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From six in the morning till six at night the hard labour of the prison-house, which rewards the valiance of ships that win the harbour went on steadily, great slings of general cargo swinging over the rail, to drop plumb into the hatchways at the sign of the gangway-tender's hand.
I fought in the Atjeh war, and a brave people wondered at the valiance of a stranger.
The model can explain about 15% of the valiance of use.
No can replace his valour and valiance. I like to think that Baba would be pleased to see the man I have become.
That is, certain identities within a hegemonic cultural setting can, in and of themselves, take on a political expressive valiance (41)--one that may be entitled to First Amendment coverage.
In this connection, the League chief paid tribute to the Palestinian refugees and people at large for the valiance and perseverance they showed in their struggle against the Israeli occupation authorities.
Take, for example, this sentence: "I had a lousy day because my commute was blocked up by a terrible accident and I had to wait around all morning for a boring meeting with my boss." Words like "lousy," "terrible," "accident," and "boring," all have a negative valiance and are not counterbalanced by positive words, and so the generally sour mood can be fairly easily captured with simple word frequencies.
M2 PHARMA-August 11, 2017-NeoSync raises USD13m via financing agreement with Valiance Life Science
The expeditions in which 'Ammar took part give enough evidence that the education which he received at al-uffah was also teaching him political wisdom and military valiance. Madrasa education may include political science as a subject to make students able to play their role in the politics of the country and they can effectively mobilise the society for this purpose.
Ander Herrera is, like Pogba, perhaps too forward-thinking to carve out a niche as the midfield 'sitter' but his valiance and steeliness brought aggression to United's midfield and allowed Pogba to push further forward.
Munzer Zammam asserted commitment to continuing the fight against terrorism, saying that the airport is back in service thanks to the valiance of its garrison which repelled constant attacks by ISIS for three years.
In the presence of the deformed, monstrous, beastly "barbarians," the Chinese demonstrated their elegance, robustness, and valiance.