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Possessing or exhibiting valor; brave: a valiant knight; a valiant effort. See Synonyms at brave.

[Middle English, from Old French vaillant, from Latin valēns, valent-, present participle of valēre, to be strong; see wal- in Indo-European roots.]

val′ian·cy, val′iance, val′iant·ness n.
val′iant·ly adv.


the quality or state of being valiant
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When the day is a sign of nation's unprecedented valiantness and bravery, it also gives a message to the country's enemies that there would be dire consequences in case of any misadventure against Pakistan,' Nawaz added.
On a time he fought alone with a lion wonderful great and fierce, being present among other strangers, the ambassador of Lacedmonia, and after long travail with incredible might he overthrew the lion and slew him; whereat the said ambassador wondering marvelously said to the King, "I would to God (noble prince) ye should fight with a lion for some great empire." By which words it seemed that he nothing approved the valiantness of a prince by fighting with a wild beast, wherein much more was adventured than might be by the victory gotten.
Instead of transmitting the milk of human kindness to her son through nurturing love, she has instilled in him a conviction that violence is lovely and to be loved: she tells him he sucked his valiantness from her (III.