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The other is reactive by continuously monitoring and validating the health of a SAN across each and every access path.
This line of inquiry may be useful for validating existing severity measurement systems, especially if probabilities were corrected for age-sex cohort experience.
Effective immediately, CWDirect and AmbironTrustWave's TrustKeeper joint customer access to the services required for validating compliance with the PCI DSS include:
The interoperability event highlighted the importance of validating IPTV service delivery under a range of network conditions and topologies," said Rod Unverrich, business manager of Agilent's Data Network Operation.
The Agilent N2X multiservices test solution -- the industry's first solution for validating IPTV service quality for thousands of individual subscribers under real-world triple play network conditions -- allowed Juniper to validate the performance of its IPTV and Multiplay solutions in a highly scaled and dynamic network environment.