1. An earthwork wall used for military defense; a rampart.
2. The process of planning or erecting earth fortifications.

[Late Latin vallātiō, vallātiōn-, from Latin vallātus, past participle of vallāre, to surround with a rampart, from vallum, rampart, from vallus, stake.]

val′la·to′ry (văl′ə-tôr′ē) adj.
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1. (Fortifications) the act or process of building fortifications
2. (Fortifications) a wall or rampart
[C17: from Late Latin vallātiō, from vallum rampart]
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The speculative non-buddhism investigator forfeits his commission if he serves as either the shape of the buddhistic thought-world or as a revolutionary storming the gates of the Buddhist vallation. Disinterest's physical corollary, when confronted with charismatic Buddhist omens, is the shrug of a shoulder, followed by a concerned glance toward the harbinger.
A relation of the investigator to Buddhism's vallation. Too close, and the effulgence of Buddhism's charism blinds; too far away, and the embers turn cold.
An exile is someone who finds himself in fitting proximity to Buddhism's vallation. I say "finds himself because exile, in this case, is not forced: it occurs incidentally and unexpectedly.