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n. pl. val·leys
1. An elongated lowland between ranges of mountains, hills, or other uplands, often having a river or stream running along the bottom.
2. An extensive area of land drained or irrigated by a river system.
3. A depression or hollow resembling or suggesting a valley, as the point at which the two slopes of a roof meet.

[Middle English valey, from Old French valee, from Vulgar Latin *vallāta, from Latin vallēs; see wel- in Indo-European roots.]

val′leyed adj.


(Physical Geography) having a valley
References in classic literature ?
I built the Trojans the wall about their city, so wide and fair that it might be impregnable, while you, Phoebus, herded cattle for him in the dales of many valleyed Ida.
It's an unusual links course with a number of holes majestically framed with mighty pine trees and the first nine holes are flat and somewhat barren, although full of variety and contrast, while on the second nine there are valleyed corridors through some of the highest and wildest dunes to found anywhere.