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A salt or ester of valproic acid, especially the sodium form, which is used as an anticonvulsant.

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Intravenous valproate associated with significant hypotension in the treatment of status epilepticus.
A pocket-sized patient card, as well as booklets with a checklist of key questions and answers for users of valproate, will soon be available at pharmacists.
In addition, he stressed that valproate is a poor choice in a woman who plans a pregnancy, and it should not be used, unless absolutely necessary, in any woman of childbearing age who maintains her fertility.
He was finally discharged, after 17 months in hospital, on a combination of carbamazepine, sodium valproate, lithium carbonate and olanzapine.
function and blood pressure were normal, and plasma therapeutic drug monitoring for sodium valproate was not performed.
Therefore, an attempt was made to develop a new, rapid, and sensitive method for the determination of magnesium valproate and its process related impurities.
In utero exposure to valproate (VPA) is associated with a 6% to 10% risk of major congenital malformations, including spina bifida and hypospadias.
The patient was a hypertensive on Telmisartan--H once daily with history of cerebrovascular accident and two episodes of generalized tonic clonic seizures on treatment with Clopidogrel 75mg once daily, Valproate Chrono 500mg twice daily.
The pregnancy category for valproate for the migraine indication will be changed from a "D" -- designated for drugs where the potential benefit for a pregnant woman might be acceptable despite its potential risks--to a category "X," designating that the risk of the drug in a pregnant woman "clearly outweighs any possible benefit of the drug," according to the FDA advisory, issued May 6.
Danish scientists from Aarhus University Hospital were looking at the effects of maternal use of valproate, an anticonvulsant used in a number of conditions including epileptic seizures, manic episodes associated with bipolar disorder, and migraine headaches.
Fifty nine mums took carbamazepine; 59 took valproate; 36 took lamotrigine; 41 took a combination; and 15 took other drugs.