valproic acid

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val·pro·ic acid

An anticonvulsive drug, C8H15NaO2, given orally and by injection to treat epilepsy.

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valproic acid

1. (Pharmacology) a synthetic crystalline compound, used as an anticonvulsive to treat seizure disorders. Formula C7H15COOH
2. (Chemistry) a synthetic crystalline compound, used as an anticonvulsive to treat seizure disorders. Formula C7H15COOH
[C20: from val(erian) + pro(pyl) + -ic]
valˈproate n
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Noun1.valproic acid - anticonvulsant (trade name Depokene) used to prevent some kinds of seizures
anticonvulsant, anticonvulsant drug, antiepileptic, antiepileptic drug - a drug used to treat or prevent convulsions (as in epilepsy)
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valproic acid, valproate sodium

(USAN), valproate n ácido valproico, valproato sódico or de sodio, valproato
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The study lays focus on the drugs -- valproic acid and topiramate.
The most common concomitant AEDs in this trial were valproic acid, vigabatrin, levetiracetam and clobazam.
Two weeks after being prescribed valproic acid for 'mood swings,' she comes to the ED with acute liver failure.
All published literature on the subject reveals this complication only after chronic therapy with valproate for different conditions, or after valproic acid overdose in patients already using this drug.
Sodium valproate or valproic acid (VPA) is an antiepileptic drug which is commonly used in the treating of epileptic seizures and many brain disorders (Loscher, 2002; Gelder et al., 2006).
BARCELONA -- Lithium and valproic acid are the treatments of choice for patients with bipolar disorder at increased risk for suicide, according to the findings of a large Finnish national study.
* Drugs such as statin medications, aspirin, valproic acid, metformin, beta-blockers, and cimetidine all have mechanisms of action that impact the basic processes that promote cancer development, invasion, and metastases.
Its elimination half-life is 25-30 hours under monotherapy [8] and 60 hours approximately when combined with valproic acid (VPA) [9].
The first drug that came into focus as having dose-dependent teratogenicity in pregnancy is the epilepsy drug valproic acid. In the late 1980s, studies showed that the drug was associated with an increased risk for spina bifida.
High-flux hemodialysis and levocarnitine in the treatment of severe valproic Acid intoxication.
The effect of different carbapenem antibiotics (ertapenem, imipenem/cilastatin, and meropenem) on serum valproic acid concentrations.