Valuable consideration

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(Law) an equivalent or compensation having value given for a thing purchased, as money, marriage, services, etc.
- Blackstone.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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'And that's what I never gave yet, for any job of work where there wasn't valuable consideration to be gained.'
On the charge of acceptance of bribery by a public officer, particulars of the offence are that while employed as PSP and therefore a public officer, Morupisi, signed a contract with CMB on behalf of BPOPF and on 11 May 2017 acting together with his wife, received on behalf of R7 Group, a valuable consideration in the form of a Toyota Land Cruiser Pick-Up.
The Act also states that upon dissolution of the Corporation: all unresolved eligible bank assets then held by the Corporation shall be transferred by the liquidator or joint liquidator to such government agency, or for valuable consideration, to a third party asset management company or other entity specified by the Central Bank of Nigeria; all then-existing staff shall be re-deployed to and absorbed into the Central Bank of Nigeria or the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation.
The Office of the Insurance Commissioner of Washington State ordered Trupanion Managers USA to pay a $100,000 fine for "failing to ensure its producers are properly licensed and affiliated, paying commissions or other valuable consideration to unlicensed producers for solicitation, giving pet care providers gifts valued in excess of $100 in a 12 month period for referrals, and knowingly accepting insurance business from unlicensed producers," according to a posting to the regulator's website with an issue date of June 13 and an effective date of June 24.
The companies are to immediately cease and desist from receiving any money, commission, fee, rebate, payment, remuneration or any other valuable consideration whatsoever, directly or indirectly, in connection with any MEWA transactions.
Further, MAP is pushing for the 100-percent assessment level for commercial property transactions for valuable consideration.
On the other hand, MAP agrees to 100 percent assessment level for commercial property transactions for valuable consideration.
He said the government will give valuable consideration to the suggestions of the
He said the government will give valuable consideration to the suggestions of the opposition benches and take guidance from them.
Speaking in the National Assembly, Qureshi urged opposition parties to adopt responsible behavior adding that the government will give valuable consideration to their benches and take guidance from them.
Fisher held that the plaintiffs possessed a First Amendment interest in the swap mechanisms, the communications enabled by those mechanisms, and any private agreements based on those communications because a vote-for-vote swap is not "valuable consideration" and, therefore is not illegal.
The second proposal would involve the exchange of a kidney for cash or some other valuable consideration. However, this transaction would be embedded in a much larger set of exchanges where the motives of the participants, far from being crassly commercial, are usually rooted in affection and altruism.