Valuable consideration

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(Law) an equivalent or compensation having value given for a thing purchased, as money, marriage, services, etc.
- Blackstone.

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And that's what I never gave yet, for any job of work where there wasn't valuable consideration to be gained.
Now in its 22nd year, Broker★Agent[TM] Advisor celebrates the success and accomplishment of the industry's finest real estate professionals through its exclusive 'Certificate of Excellence' Program, using proprietary criteria, formulas and other valuable considerations.
Early EU FMD pilots have uncovered the potential implementation issues in achieving compliance, providing valuable considerations for manufacturers.
The authors are able to describe this new species and to make some valuable considerations about the new record.
22, 24 (1880) ("Marriage is to be ranked among the valuable considerations, yet it is distinguishable from most of these in not being reducible to a value which can be expressed in dollars and cents.
In part V we consider the policy rationales that might motivate the ban against the exchange of valuable consideration for transplantable organs, concluding that RTT does not threaten any of these policy concerns and in fact improves on the status quo with respect to some concerns.
Here are some valuable considerations to help you get the maximum benefit from your customer testimonials:
But the exact amount of the sale cannot be determined from the records, which state that the transaction was made for $10 "and other good and valuable considerations.
The two chapters on globalization written with Nye are valuable considerations of the changes in international relations over the past several decades, and the early chapters of the book provide easy access to and consideration of Keohane's extensive bibliography.
It includes valuable considerations on Beolco's union of word and gesture, and his professionalism, as well as on the likely presence of female performers on his stage (182-83), the context of which may be augmented by information from the work of scholars such as Michele Catalano, Giulio Bertoni, and Alessandro Luzio on noblewomen's participation in court productions of the late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries, and Elissa Weaver's work on the theater of Tuscan nuns.
As part of the transaction, CreditCard Services sal (CSC), an international financial institution, will initially acquire approximately 8% in ACNI for equipment, services and other valuable considerations.