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 (văl′yo͞o-ə-bəl, văl′yə-)
1. Having considerable monetary or material value for use or exchange: a valuable diamond.
2. Of great importance, use, or service: valuable information; valuable advice.
3. Having admirable or esteemed qualities or characteristics: a valuable friend.
A personal possession, such as a piece of jewelry, having a relatively high monetary value: insured all of our valuables against theft.

val′u·a·ble·ness n.
val′u·a·bly adv.
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Noun1.valuableness - the positive quality of being precious and beyond valuevaluableness - the positive quality of being precious and beyond value
value - the quality (positive or negative) that renders something desirable or valuable; "the Shakespearean Shylock is of dubious value in the modern world"
gold - something likened to the metal in brightness or preciousness or superiority etc.; "the child was as good as gold"; "she has a heart of gold"
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Four other strategies: expense (abundance), luxuriousness (processing), valuableness (extending the product's life), and rareness (abundance) drive perceptions of the worth of the product.
(100.) Rick Jones, in The Gift of Life and "Diseases of Language," further commented that, "inasmuch as the kidney exchange programs reviewed by the Department of Justice did not have any clear pecuniary transfer, they were deemed not to involve valuable consideration because without obvious monetary value in the exchange there was no valuableness in the transfer.
To validate the valuableness of the earth's community even further, Peter Perry maintains that the sea creatures are not meaningless immolations or empty vessels without souls, but they have life, and therefore have established a relationship with their creator, making the enormity of Rome's and humanity's sins the more tragic (8:9).