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Noun1.valuation account - a reserve fund created by a charge against profits in order to provide for changes in the value of a company's assetsvaluation account - a reserve fund created by a charge against profits in order to provide for changes in the value of a company's assets
reserve account, reserve fund - funds taken out of earnings to provide for anticipated future payments
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For example, with respect to Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), under Section 214 (c,1) of the Amended Insurance Code and CL 2014-30, they shall be valued at market value and periodically adjusted to reflect market changes through a special valuation account to reflect their realizable value when sold.
statutory income tax rate; (3) reducing the valuation account balance for deferred tax assets; and (4) other factors.
Hence, goodwill operates as a master valuation account and is only recognized when the purchase price paid by the buyer exceeds the fair value of the identifiable net assets of the target.
Thus, this difference, that is, goodwill, is often called a plug, gap filler, or master valuation account. Similarly, entities should not recognize goodwill generated internally, even if they can prove that such assets are worth more than they paid for it, since no objective valuation method arises.
While one source of positive evidence of taxable income can demonstrate a valuation account is not needed, management should assess all sources of taxable income to determine a valuation allowance is necessary.
Finally, the July 31 adjustment to the cost-to-market valuation account "marks to market" the investor's holdings at period-end and records the unrealized holding gain or loss for the period.
Under the ED, a taxplanning strategy is considered to be a source of positive evidence indicating that a valuation account is not needed for a deferred tax asset.
The amount can be considered reasonable when the allowance (the amount carried as the accumulated valuation account in the balance sheet), including the current provision, is adequate to cover estimated losses inherent in the loan portfolio.
If the deferred gain is not considered a valuation account, Statement no.