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Noun1.value statement - a statement of the desirability of something
statement - a message that is stated or declared; a communication (oral or written) setting forth particulars or facts etc; "according to his statement he was in London on that day"
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The value statement was filled with all kinds of platitudes.
Develop your 30-second commercial: This includes having a unique selling proposition or value statement. It's a succinct message (spoken in 30 seconds or less) that focuses on how you can relieve pain, solve problems and add value.
Question: After the Hurricane Maria loss, I have seen many insured, brokers or agents that have signed the Agreed Value Statement of Values and after inspection of building or books the sum insured seems to be inadequate.
Companies often use a value statement to help them identify with and connect to targeted consumers, as well as to remind employees about its priorities and goals.
Give your value statement, such as: "We have a track record of helping our customers (fill in how you help your customers)."
"The decision was taken after consideration of all advice given including an independent valuation and best value statement.
My mission as the leader of this company is to ensure our value statement is crystal clear to our current customers and potential new customers."
The Member Value Statement program, recently rolled out by Plano, Texas-based compliance, software and marketing firm MARQUIS, provides a savings analysis for members that shows specific costs for each product or service at the member's current credit union compared to similar products at other financial institutions, the company said.
13 titled "Delivering an Effective Value Statement.'' The session will be led by Stuart Paap.
To me, it's a value statement to ensure staff and members get face time.
That is not a value statement, but a simple assessment of the facts ...